Can A Crisis Allow Humanity To Evolve

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When it comes to what can unsettle humanity as a whole, it can relate to war, an epidemic or a shortage. When a large part of the population will experience certain feelings.

Can A Crisis Allow H

Now, regardless of whether an individual or humanity as a whole is going through a challenging time, it could be said that what is going on externally is the cause. Therefore, what has happened will be the reason why one person or a large number of people feel the way that they do.

In other words, a human being or a number of human beings will be powerless. To say that someone or a number of people played a part in what is taking place would be to blame the victim or victims.

Seeing It Through

Taking this into account, when it comes to something that affects humanity as a whole such as an epidemic, the best thing will be for as many people as possible to keep their heads up and to keep going. Fortunately, sooner or later, what is taking place is likely to pass.

It is then going to be essential for as many people as possible to make sure that they don't allow themselves to dwell in "negative" feelings or to bathe in self-pity. Of course, there will be moments when this is not possible and a large part of the population won't be able to stay positive.

Stepping Back

However, although it can seem as though humanity as a whole will have just been affected by what is going on and won't have played a part, what if there is more to it? What if, humanity as a whole, co-created what they are currently going through?

Upon hearing this, someone could believe that this is completely ridiculous. And as what they, along with their fellow human beings, are going through will have and will continue to cause so many problems, why would they respond any differently?


Nonetheless, even though what is taking place will have caused and continue to cause a lot of harm, it doesn't mean that they, along with their fellow human beings, are powerless victims. The view that what is going on "out there" has no connection to them and their fellow human beings will be due to their ego-minds sense of separation.

This part of their being will cause them to see what is going on externally as being separate from what is going on internally. Also, as how they feel is likely to be different to how they felt before, this can be seen as another sign that what is going on has no connection to them.


The part of their being that causes them to see everyone and everything as separate is the same part that allows them to disconnect from "negative" feelings and thoughts and parts of themselves that are painful. After this has taken place, they will forget all about what they have pushed out of their conscious awareness.

What is taking place for them at a deeper level can be radically different to what is taking place for them at a more surface level. Once this "negative" material has been pushed into their unconscious mind, it will continue to affect their life.

All Together

Not only this, this repressed material will become part of the collective unconscious, which can be seen as a container that contains every other human being's repressed material. This material will have an effect on what takes place on the planet.

So, if this container is filled with "negative" feelings such as helplessness, powerlessness and hopelessness, for instance, it is to be expected that humanity as a whole will co-create situations, circumstances and events that cause a lot of pain and suffering. Due to these feelings being pushed out of so many people's conscious minds and being caught up in their ego-minds sense of separation, it will appear as though what happened has caused them to feel a certain way and that it has no connection to them.


What is going on, then, will have allowed humanity as a whole to come into contact with how they really feel, not how they want to feel. This will mean that they are not being punished, although it can seem this way and there can be certain people who are a manifestation of this view, the external world is merely mirroring back what is taking place within the collective unconscious.

If the feelings that have been triggered, thanks to what is going on externally, are embraced and worked through, what is taking place in the collective unconscious will change and it will be possible to create a different experience on this planet. Yet, if a large part of the population pushes how they really feel back down into their unconscious mind, it might not be long until something else happens.

Final Thoughts

With this in mind, it shows how important it is for humanity as a whole to face their emotional wounds and work through them. If this was to happen, there is a strong chance that the world would be transformed.

Still, this can be seen as something that is highly idealistic, and, perhaps, at this point in time, this work is something that will only be undertaken by a small part of the population. If so, the people who undertake this work will still be changing what is taking place in the collective unconscious and will be changing the planet as a result. Article Source:

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