About Us

  • About Us

  • QuizBroz is the solution for any student looking to learn from an expert online. The platform provides both students and tutors with a one stop shop that streamlines their search, connects them seamlessly in real time over video chat or text message (and even audio calls!), gives you access 24/7 through your mobile device's web browser on-the-go!

  • That's why we're creating the bridge between student questions and tutor answers. We want to fill that gap, so you can get your grades!

  • As a dedicated learning platform, we offer an array of services for our tutors and students. Tutor Match's real time sessions allow you to complete online assignments or homework help with one convenient payment option while the extensive project work assistance ensures that no matter what your needs are in any given semester - from simple lessons on introductory concepts all the way through comprehensive courses-we've got it covered!

  • Our Mission

  • We want every student, no matter their location or level of education to have access. That's why we're bridging the knowledge gap between tutors and students by providing an integrated digital learning platform that connects them seamlessly online so you'll never miss out on anything again!