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Modern physics is a branch of the most cutting edge fields in science, and it is based on two major breakthroughs that had an immense effect for our understanding not only how we perceive reality but also what can happen at its fundamental level. One was Relativity which led us out into new dimensions beyond time or space while the other one being Quantum Mechanics with all this talk about particles having properties until they are observed - no surprise there!

The most recent and exciting developments in physics have been a series of theories that were different from what was thought before. Quantum mechanics is one such theory, which deals with tiny particles like an atomic nucleus or the electron; it replaced classical notions about how matter worked when you can not see them- as opposed to electromagnetic force Missiles fly through space because their guidance systems use electricity generated by cells powered by solar panels on your home!

  • Positive-Displacement Pumps

  • Positive displacement pumps are ideal for high-pressure applications like pumping viscous liquids or thick slurries, and for applications where precise amounts of liquid are to be dispensed or metered, as in medical applications. Positive-displacement pumps have many advantages over dynamic pumps. For example, a positive-displacement pump is better able to handle shear sensitive liquids since the induced shear is much less than that of a dynamic pump operating at similar pressure and flow rate. Blood is a shear sensitive liquid, and this is one reason why positive-displacement pumps are used for artificial hearts.

  • Dynamic Pumps

  • There are three main types of dynamic pumps that involve rotating blades called impeller blades or rotor blades, which impart momentum to the fluid. For this reason they are sometimes called rotodynamic pumps or simply rotary pumps (not to be confused with rotary positive-displacement pumps, which use the same name). There are also some non rotary dynamic pumps, such as jet pumps and electromagnetic pumps; these are not discussed in this text. Rotary pumps are classified by the manner in which flow exits the pump: centrifugal flow, axial flow, and mixed flow.

  • Centrifugal Pumps

  • Centrifugal pumps and blowers can be easily identified by their snail-shaped casing, called the scroll . They are found all around your home—in dishwashers, hot tubs, clothes washers and dryers, hairdryers, vacuum cleaners, kitchen exhaust hoods, bathroom exhaust fans, leaf blowers, furnaces, etc. They are used in cars—the water pump in the engine, the air blower in the heater/air conditioner unit, etc. Centrifugal pumps are ubiquitous in industry as well; they are used in building ventilation systems, washing operations, cooling ponds and cooling towers, and in numerous other industrial operations in which fluids are pumped.

  • Axial Pumps

  • Axial pumps do not utilize so-called centrifugal forces. Instead, the impeller blades behave more like the wing of an airplane , producing lift by changing the momentum of the fluid as they rotate. The rotor of a helicopter, for example, is a type of axial-flow pump .

  • Impulse Turbines

  • In an impulse turbine, the fluid is sent through a nozzle so that most of its available mechanical energy is converted into kinetic energy. The high speed jet then impinges on bucket-shaped vanes that transfer energy to the turbine shaft.

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