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About Fluid Mechanics

Fluid mechanics is the discipline within the broad field of applied mechanics that is concerned with the behavior of liquids and gases at rest or in motion. It covers a vast array of phenomenathat occur in nature (with or without human intervention),in biology ,and in numerous engineered, invented or manufactured situations. There are few aspects of our lives that do not involve fluids either directly or indirectly.

The study of fluid mechanics involves the same fundamental laws you have encountered in physics and other mechanics courses. These laws include Newton’s laws of motion, conservation of mass, and the first and second laws of thermodynamics. Thus, there are strong similarities between the general approach to fluid mechanics and to rigid-body and deformable-body solid mechanics. This is indeed helpful since many of the concepts and techniques of analysis used in fluid mechanics will be ones you have encountered before in other courses. The broad subject of fluid mechanics can be generally subdivided into fluid statics, in which the fluid is at rest, and fluid dynamics, in which the fluid is moving.

  • Thermodynamic Properties of a Fluid:

  • Pressure: Pressure is the (compression) stress at a point in static fluid. Temperature: Temperature T is a measure of the internal energy level of a fluid. Density: The density of fluid is its mass per unit volume. Viscosity: When fluid is sheared, it begins to move at strain rate inversely proportional to a property called its coefficient of viscosity µ. Static, Stagnation, Dynamic, and Total Pressure

  • The Bernoulli Equation

  • If elevation effects are neglected, the stagnation pressure, the largest pressure obtainable along a given streamline. It represents the conversion of all of the kinetic energy into a pressure rise. The sum of the static pressure, hydrostatic pressure, and dynamic pressure is termed the total pressure, pT. The Bernoulli equation is a statement that the total pressure remains constant along a streamline.

  • Fluid kinematics

  • In this chapter we will discuss various aspects of fluid motion without being concerned with the actual forces necessary to produce the motion. That is,we will consider the kinematics of the motion—the velocity and acceleration of the fluid,and the description and visualization of its motion.

  • Surface tension

  • These various types of surface phenomena are due to the unbalanced cohesive forces acting on the liquid molecules at the fluid surface. Molecules in the interior of the fluid mass are surrounded by molecules that are attracted to each other equally. However, molecules along the surface are subjected to a net force toward the interior. The apparent physical consequence of this unbalanced force along the surface is to create the hypothetical skin or membrane. A tensile force may be considered to be acting in the plane of the surface along any line in the surface. The intensity of the molecular attraction per unit length along any line in the surface is called the surface tension

  • Laminar and Turbulant Flows

  • The flow regime in the first case is said to be laminar, characterized by smooth streamlines and highly ordered motion, and turbulent in the second case, where it is characterized by velocity fluctuations and highly disordered motion. The transition from laminar to turbulent flow does not occur suddenly; rather, it occurs over some region in which the flow fluctuates between laminar and turbulent flows before it becomes fully turbulent. Most flows encountered in practice are turbulent. Laminar flow is encountered when highly viscous fluids such as oils flow in small pipes or narrow passages.

  • Dimensional Analysis and Modeling

  • A dimension is a measure of a physical quantity without numerical values while a unit is a way to assign a number to the dimension. For example length is a dimension but centimeter is a unit.

  • Turbomachinery

  • There are two broad categories of turbomachinery, pumps and turbines. The word pump is a general term for any fluid machine that adds energy to a fluid. Some authors call pumps energy absorbing devices since energy is supplied to them, and they transfer most of that energy to the fluid, usually via a rotating shaft.. The increase in fluid energy is usually felt as an increase in the pressure of the fluid. Turbines, on the other hand, are energy producing devices—they extract energy from the fluid and transfer most of that energy to some form of mechanical energy output, typically in the form of a rotating shaft . The fluid at the outlet of a turbine suffers an energy loss, typically in the form of a loss of pressure.

  • Open-channel Flow

  • Open-channel flow implies flow in a channel open to the atmosphere, but flow in a conduit is also open-channel flow if the liquid does not fill the conduit completely, and thus there is a free surface.

  • Course Learning

  • Recognize fluid properties, Analyze hydrostatic forces and buoyancy force and stability of immersed bodies, Apply momentum equation and Bernoulli equation in different flow settings, Demonstrate the basic knowledge of Navier-Stokes equations, turbomachinery, and dimensional analysis and similitude, Analyze lift and drag forces over immersed bodies, Communicate effectively in writing

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