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A persuasive speech should be based on facts. It should deliver arguments and counterarguments to show many sides of the issue you choose to discuss.

Steps for Choosing t

Now that you know what makes a speech topic persuasive, let’s go over a step-by-step formula that will help you choose the right topic for you.

Brainstorming is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. You should start by reflecting on what interests, hobbies, and news events are important in the world today? What do these things have in common with you as an individual or person that makes them compelling enough for others' attention span too long to listen without getting bored quickly? The answer: anything can become interesting if it’s told well enough!

What are you most passionate about? What topics make your heart beat faster and why do they intrigue or excite you so much that reading more can help cure insomnia at night, fight off wrinkles during a break from work hours to spend time with family on weekends, stay up-to-date with world events by being one click away from breaking news stories sidetracked into other parts of the globe – just because we have access to information now through technology! Choose two or three things in this list before continuing.

Now comes the practical side of brainstorming: take a moment to think whether preparing an informative and compelling speech on this topic is feasible in your limited amount of time. Consider the following questions:

  • Are the topics of your choice well researched by you?
  • Do you know these topics well?
  • If you are not well-versed in the topic of your choice, do you have enough time to do research to present a comprehensive and complete narrative?
  • Do you have enough time to form a well-developed stance about this topic?
  • A thesis?
  • Will you be able to cover several sides of this topic in the amount of time you have available?

If you have come up with a topic that results in a positive response to all the questions mentioned in step 3, you might have found the winner.

Start by developing a thesis, i.e., the main message of your speech. Without a thesis, you will not have a strong speech.

Develop arguments that endorse your thesis and support them with facts. Remember, a strong speech must be based on facts, rather than opinions and unsubstantiated statements.

Research counterarguments to your thesis. While you may not personally support these, you must present a well-rounded picture of the issue you are discussing.

You can finish off your speech by responding to the counterarguments in a way that reinforces your thesis. Don’t forget to re-emphasize your main message in the closing paragraphs of your speech.

What Makes a Speech Topic Persuasive?


To deliver a speech takes a lot of guts – not everybody is comfortable with public speaking. But to deliver a good speech takes conviction. Think of it like this: you must believe in the importance of your speech topic to discuss it. This must be something you care about and believe in; otherwise, your topic must be something that drives your curiosity, and you believe that it must be examined further.

Conviction stirs your desire to share this topic with others – you are convinced that other people will similarly find this topic fascinating! Whether it is the importance of recycling or bike lanes, the conviction is what will become the backbone of a successful and persuasive topic choice, as well as drive your desire to give a speech in the first place.


With conviction comes passion. These two elements of a successful speech are intimately intertwined. If you believe in the importance of something, you will be passionate about sharing it with the public.

If we look at some of the most famous speeches in human history, you will notice that conviction and passion are the driving force that makes these speeches legendary. Whether it’s Cicero’s defense of the Republic in the Roman Senate or Martin Luther King’s speech in the defense of civil rights almost two millennia later, both these speakers believed in the importance of their convictions and were passionate about sharing their beliefs. In these cases, even despite the threats of death.

Unbiased Expertise

Conviction and passion should also drive your need to know everything there is to know about your topic. To give a persuasive speech, you must not only show confidence and excitement but demonstrate that you are an expert in the topic of your choice. Granted, if you are a high school student or an undergraduate who’s been assigned to deliver a speech in less than 2 weeks, you are not going to become a world-renowned expert in your subject matter. However, as I pointed out, your speech topic should be something you are already passionate about, so you must have done some research and have some knowledge of your topic.

A persuasive speech should be based on facts. It should deliver arguments and counterarguments to show many sides of the issue you choose to discuss. For example, if you choose to discuss the importance of bike lanes, you can present several arguments in support of creating more bike lanes in your town or city, such as safety, decrease in traffic, environmental benefits, etc. However, make sure to include arguments that also show the other side of the issue, such as having to close down several major streets in your city to reconstruct the roads to fit in the new bike lanes and the side-effects of construction for businesses. Presenting both sides of the issue will show your comprehensive knowledge of the topic and demonstrate your professionalism.

Tips for Writing and Giving an Outstanding Speech

Know your audience

It is always a good idea to know who your audience is. Whether you are giving a speech in your high school, or traveling to attend an undergraduate conference, reflect on who will be listening to your speech. Before you sit down to write it, consider whether you can give yourself the freedom to use technical language, jargon, or make inside jokes on the matter. In general, I would advise you to avoid overly technical or niche language. It is never a good tactic for making a persuasive speech – this might alienate a large part of your audience.

However, if you are delivering a speech to a like-minded audience, you may use “industry lingo”. For example, if you are delivering a speech at a video game convention, it is likely that many, if not most, attendees will be familiar with the terms and vocabulary you use. You will be able to strengthen your speech by using language that unites you with your audience. In this case, you are encouraged to engage the public by making inside jokes, using niche terminology, and creating a relatable experience with your speech.

Knowing your audience will allow you to develop a language for your speech. It will also allow you to gauge how deep you can delve into the topic of your choice. For example, if you are a young physics aficionado who is giving a lecture on black holes to your sophomore classmates, you might want to consider the fact that many of them have never studied physics in depth. This may help you shape your speech into something accessible and interesting for others.

If you are unsure about who your audience might be, try researching it. It is always good practice to know whom you will be addressing. Not only will it help you prepare the speech, but it will also ease your anxiety about the day of your speech delivery.

Top persuasive speech topics for 2021 on technology

  • People should stop depending too much on computers and smartphones
  • Desktop computers are outdated
  • Computer games make children stupid
  • Workers should utilize more digital tools at the workplace
  • Internet needs to be censored
  • Electronics make children lazy
  • Everybody should use a smartphone
  • Social media should not replace face to face interaction
  • More people should take online classes
  • Genetic testing has changed the way we tackle diseases
  • There should be more technological advancements in the world today
  • Every published book should be available in PDF format
  • People should stop using technology to create problems
  • Government should fund technology research
  • Aged people should learn how to operate varieties of devices

Top persuasive speech topics for 2021 on Controversy

  • Why should professional athletes be drug tested?
  • Is democracy the best form of Government?
  • Why ban abortion?
  • Why is it important to ban automatic weapons?
  • Does religion do more harm than good?
  • Should school uniforms be mandatory?
  • Is peer pressure good or bad?

Top Persuasive Speech Topics for 2021 on Ethics

  • Juvenile delinquency is acceptable.
  • Prostitution should be legal.
  • Underage driving should be punishable by law.
  • Beauty pageants for children should be banned.
  • Prisoner’s right to vote.
  • Voting rights should not be universal.
  • Guns should be banned from college campuses.

Top Persuasive Speech Topics for 2021 on University Students

  • Why are lawyers paid too much? Give reasons.
  • Who is responsible for stray dogs?
  • Why is censorship of the internet necessary?
  • Is technology a distraction or a bonus?
  • Privacy Vs. Security. Which one do you prefer?
  • Discuss the positive aspects of rivalry.
  • Online education vs. traditional schooling. Which one is better? Are vaccinations linked to autism?

Top Persuasive Speech Topics for 2021 on College

  • Why should colleges ban the use of mobile phones on campus premises?
  • Immigration challenges can easily be solved by fencing the borders. How?
  • Why must sociopaths and psychopaths be sentenced to death?Why should parents keep a check on children’s internet activities?
  • How does feminism devalue motherhood?
  • Kids’ cartoons must be scrutinized for inappropriate content. Discuss.
  • Discuss why traditional classes are better than distant learning?How banning weapons production can reduce terrorist activities across the globe?
  • Discuss why female students should take part in wrestling and boxing?
  • What is the best age for driving a car

Top Persuasive Speech Topics for 2021 on High School

  • Time management leads to a successful career. Explain how?
  • How listening to music while working helps improve the focus? Pursuing one’s hobby as a career ensures success. Elaborate on the concept.
  • Discuss how dressing depicts the personality of an individual.
  • Joining the army should be a choice and not a compulsion for young people. Discuss.
  • How dealing with embarrassing moments in life builds the confidence of the individual?
  • Why are argumentative paper assignments a waste of time?
  • Why should the tax rate be higher for rich people in the United States? Give reasons.
  • Modern youth cannot survive without social networks. Why?
  • How to overcome fear and anxiety?

Top Persuasive Speech Topics for 2021 on Middle School Students

  • Why should parents pay children for household chores?
  • Why is participation in school sports mandatory for all students? Why should soda drinks not be served in school cafeterias?
  • Fast food should not be a part of the school meal menu. Discuss why.
  • Why can war never bring positive outcomes?
  • Why should every student have a pet?
  • Should students be taught to earn and donate money?
  • Should advertisement boards not be allowed on the school premises?

Thus, the above mentioned are but a few persuasive speech topics for 2021 that you may consider taking up. However, if you have to write a persuasive speech and are unable to nail it on the head, why not consider taking help from QuizBroz. With a network of subject matter experts, they deliver exemplary persuasive speeches.

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