7 Ways to Get Admission into Colleges and Universities of your Choice

Vikas Hooda
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Sat Sep 04 2021 12:47

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How to get admission into the perfect university or college requires due diligence on multiple levels. Here are the top 7 parameters to consider.

7 Ways to Get Admiss

Plan Early

To get into a college or even better, a college of your choice, it is very crucial for you to plan early, well in advance.  By planning things former students get enough time to think about themselves, reflect and realize their ideas, what they want and develop strategies to achieve the desired results.

Talk to your parents and family members

Once you have realized things and done enough self- assessment, it’s time to talk to your parents and any other important family members. Your parents would always think the best for you and guide you properly. You can also seek input from siblings and other family members, as they would have experience in similar situations.

Study and practice for relevant tests and courses

Once you have figured out things and discussed it, study for relevant tests and exams. There are several college prep courses and tests such as SAT’s and PSAT’s, and other exams that are important to improve grades and better chances of getting into college, then you need to study and prepare towards them.

University rankings

You can take the help of university rankings that are released every year by different global ranking systems. These rankings judge the various universities on several performance indicators both quantitative and qualitative. Apart from the overall ranking, you should also look for the subject-specific ranking. This will give a better idea about how your chosen university compares to others in terms of the subject you plan to study. How to choose the perfect university or college must take into consideration where the university ranks.

Cost of education

You need to calculate how much you can afford to spend on your college education and keep that budget in mind while shortlisting universities for yourself.  While calculating the cost include the accommodation and other living expenses along with the tuition and other academic costs. Try to shortlist the ones that fit your budget so that you are not burdened by huge student loans when you graduate. The cost of education has a direct impact on the answer to how to choose the perfect university or college. Look for financial aids such as scholarships and education loans that are available. Try to find out how many students who apply for a scholarship receive it and what types of expenses are covered under financial aids provided by various universities. This needs to be researched early on as many scholarships and grants have application deadlines that have to be met.

Organize Yourself

While working towards your goal, you also need to organize yourself and keep a track of everything. Before starting to work on your college applications, it is always better to keep a track of the deadlines of applications, your test scores, recommendations from your mentors, a list of your desired colleges, universities and everything else that might come in handy.

Technology and Social Media

Besides working on your college admission essays, students should also choose the technology wisely and connect with your applied colleges and universities through social media. Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other websites to your advantage. You may also connect with some seniors, fellow students and socialize.

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